About me

Hello, my name’s Khoirun Nikmah. My friends call me Niknik, Nikmah or Irul. Now, I’m 28 yo (2019). I was born in East Java and was taken care of by my grandparents since I used to be alone due to my parent’s divorce. But now I enjoy and appreciate my life.

I got married at a young age, immediately after graduating from college in 2014. We are so grateful that one amazing son has completed our happiness at the moment.

I have some hobbies like reading books, writing, cleaning up, organising and self-reflecting. I am the author of a non-fiction book titled KonMari Changing My Life published by Bentang Pustaka in August 2018 and Gemar Rapi in July 2019.

My dream is only one: to be a beneficial human being who give the best I can for others and the environment.

Now I live in Bogor, West Java. You can follow me on Instagram @nikumaaa


3 thoughts on “About me”

  1. hello Nikmah,
    salam kenal saya retno
    dosen dari salah satu PTS Solo
    saya suka sekali dgn blog anda, sgt bermanfaat
    bila berkenan email ke saya nalarsih @gmail.com. saya ingin sekali diskusi ttg gelombang lau iregular dan regular.
    thanks Nikmah

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