Just do my Best

Respect people’s feeling. Even if doesn’t mean anything to you, it could mean everything to them. -Anymoous-

Yeah ! that was my first time I felt that filling out in a moment. I don’t know about them who invited me. And also I don’t want to get anything. But, at least when I met them, I saw from their eyes I know it. They were not appreciated me. They even seem cold and not care.

Maybe because they look my shabby appearence or level difference in wealth. I don’t know 😂 whatever, but this is so important experience I have. hehehe

We know that everyone wants to be respected, at least for their works. So if you know about your attitude  you always never do like that.

When I was came their room, their eyes look not like me. Maybe I have different’s style or standard like her/them. I’m a moeslim, I used my hijab, gamis etc. So what’s wrong? Actually  in that event, you need me, you invited me. Ckckckk

That’s not only of mutualism symbiosis, but also you cracked your image on my mind. 

Maybe you never know it..

At that time I were not breakfast for that morning to be on time on your desk. But your attitude? you thought that I’m a beggar? whats?!

And when I was going home, they just sit there and doesn’t even offer enything till end of event 😅 how a stingy you are..

okay, enough.

I never forgot this moment 🤗😂

I just do my best.

I just want to say..

be kind everywhere if possible, but it always possible girls!

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