Hello, my name’s Khoirun Nikmah. My friends call me Niknik, Nikmah or Irul. Now, I’m 30 yo (2021). I was born in East Java and was taken care of by my grandparents since I used to be alone due to my parent’s divorce. But now I enjoy and appreciate my life. 

I got married at a young age, immediately after graduating from college in 2014. We are so grateful that one amazing son has completed our happiness at the moment.

I have some hobbies like reading books, writing, cleaning up, organising and self-reflecting. I am the author of a non-fiction book titled KonMari Changing My Life published by Bentang Pustaka in August 2018 and Gemar Rapi in July 2019.

My dream is only one: to be a beneficial human being who give the best I can for others and the environment with books that I write.

Activities :

  • Mom, Blogger, Writer.
  • Learning by doing.
  • Curriculum team of Gemar Rapi.
  • Minimalism enthusiast.

Now I live in Bogor, West Java. You can follow me on Instagram @nikmahwriter

3 thoughts on “About”

  1. hello Nikmah,
    salam kenal saya retno
    dosen dari salah satu PTS Solo
    saya suka sekali dgn blog anda, sgt bermanfaat
    bila berkenan email ke saya nalarsih @gmail.com. saya ingin sekali diskusi ttg gelombang lau iregular dan regular.
    thanks Nikmah

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